My Daughter, the Star

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I do not often take time to be the proud parent and boast about my kids. Every so often, though, something fills me with such pride that I have to share. As many regulars here know, Kate is in Egypt and one of the highlights of her time there has been starring as Adelaide in Guys & Dolls, the first musical at American University in Cairo in six years. The show opened last weekend and by chance, the timing worked allowing my mom to be there to see it during her Middle East senior tour. We have to wait and see a video when she returns in a mere four weeks and three days.The Daily Star Egypt reviewed the play and wrote, “Greenberger is the one who steals the entire show though. Her Adelaide is flamboyant, jolly and always entertaining. Her presence on stage is felt whenever she’s off and her aura is so strong that, on many occasions, it upstages her co-stars.”So cool.

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  1. Katie’s always had amazing stage presence. I’m glad they recognize it even over there!

  2. And to think I’ve had the honor of directing Kate myself…
    Big congrats to Kate on her performance and you and Deb on your genetic make-up.
    You and Kate HAVE to bring a copy to Shore Leave.

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