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As the saying goes, one door closes and another one opens.I found out that something I have contributed to the in the past has come to an end (and I’m awaiting formal announcement elsewhere before I say anything more) and on the same day, learned of another anthology opportunity I can pitch too.So yeah, sometimes it feels like there’s a cosmic balance at work.I also received today my galleys to BenBella’s Grey’s Anatomy 101 essay collection, which I believe is set for a fall release (timed to the fourth season debut). I actually received a PDF of the entire book so I can see what everyone had to say. Interestingly, of the seventeen essays, I only know one of the authors personally, my old friend Lawrence Watt-Evans. The biggest name among the credits is Jacqueline Carey, writing about, what else?, sex on the series.Did I happen to tell you Katie comes home in a mere 22 days?

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  1. Glad to see thing taking off for you, Bob. Great news on Kate too. I’ll be honored to share the stage with her as the Knights celebrate their 25th Anniversary at Shore Leave 29. (which should be DVD’d for posterity.)BTW , is there going to be a disc of “Guys and Dolls”? …would love to see her as Adelaide.

  2. Me again…Holy merde! That means the Knights are older than your eldest daughter! Is it just me or do I hear my spine creaking with rheumatism?Do you realize how long we’ve known each other?

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