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Balticon came and went and a fine time was had by all.Robbie, interestingly, had the best time of the three of us. He met up with a peer group, some he knew from other cons, most he met for the first time. They were all in synch and spent much of the con in a pack, playing games and avoiding all the panels.Deb did workmanship judging for the Masquerade and delighted in studying the construction of the costumes. She also helped judge the presentations and enjoyed her second stint as a judge. The contest overall was somewhat lackluster with an unusual balance between 9 Young Fan entrants and 11 adult. She spent much of the con strolling with me or back in the hotel room doing homework, dedicated soul that she is.Me? Programming never fixed the scheduling snafu so I wound up scheduled for two panels, my own film previews and one I wasn’t feeling especially qualified to chat about. As a result, I had all Saturday and Sunday to wander. Now, it was nice not being overly scheduled as I got to sit and chat with many of the Baltimore folk I have come to know through the years. Deb and I actually got to stroll through the dealer’s room and art show, which I don’t think we’ve ever done at a Baltimore con. I sat in on one panel that I would have preferred being on, to hear what was said only to find it poorly moderated and way off topic too often. Some of the other panels that would have been interesting to hear were set for Sunday night from 7-10, which would have left Deb high and dry so I skipped them.I did, though, attend the raucous launch party for <bad Ass Faeries, which was fun. And I managed to complete reading the galleys to Predator: Flesh & Blood, no doubt to my editor’s delight.It was relaxed and enjoyable on a personal level but professionally, it was largely a bust even though I attended with minimal expectations. Now, having said that, everyone else seemed to be enjoying himself or herself and Deb noted it had more of energy among the attendees than the similarly themed Lunacon.

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