Another Iron into the Fire

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As if I was not juggling enough balls in the air, I’ve wound up adding one more.There’s an open call for a media tie-in anthology that I thought would be fun to try out for. This particular one is seeking stories on a specific theme so it focuses one’s thoughts. The theme got me to thinking about something that caught my eye while in Egypt a few months back and that spawned the germ of a story.It then occurred to me that I really didn’t know the property with the kind of depth necessary to know which characters from the supporting cast this would best work for. I mentioned this to a pal over lunch a few weeks back and he liked the kernel and got very excited at the notion, especially since he knows this property far better than I. When he suggested collaborating, it seemed like a natural.I sent him the open call specs and then fleshed out my kernel and he threw back a lot of variations on the theme with this or that character. He then pointed out where the property touched on similar ideas and found twists to make the idea still viable. Over the course of the last two weeks, one or the other of us would throw some ideas back and forth. We liked the basics but couldn’t find the one story that made both of us excited. This morning, though, he e-mailed with three ideas: one dramatic, one comedic and one not quite there. Suddenly things clicked into place and I told him I really liked the dramatic notion and he agreed although the comedic notion still tugged at him. We may pitch both to the editor and see if either sells.Meantime, in the last few days I’ve continued steady output. The Unnamed Project chugs along at about 67% complete. I’ve drafted some stories for Weekly World News and even rewrote the Demolition Delay ordinance since we’ll be discussing that again in a few weeks.Deb and the kids will be away for a long weekend starting tomorrow so I’ve been mentally allocating the time to ensure everything gets done and we’ll see, by Sunday, if I was judicious or overly ambitious.I do know this, the next few weeks look to be chock full of activity so by month’s end, I’ll be ready for a nice break.

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