Father’s Day

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Since some asked how Father’s Day went, I thought I’d cover the weekend which had its own rewards.Deb and the kids were in Florida since Thursday and weren’t due back until Sunday night so I had loads of time on my hands and an agenda of stuff to accomplish. Thursday night I worked late at the office for maybe the second time in the year I’ve been at Weekly World News, so the timing was excellent. Then I got home and did my first prep for Mystery Trekkie Theatre, to be performed at Shore Leave in just a few weeks.Friday night, after work, I sat down and wrote what I thought was going to be the first half of the Captain Midnight story due at Moonstone in a little while. Given that this was my first time with the character, working from a bible that was an amalgamation of the differing incarnations, I found myself flipping between bible and word document quite a bit. Still, I got 2500 words done and then managed to still watch some TV.Saturday, after some puttering around and waking up, I went down figuring it’d take a few hours to knock out the second half. Well, it took a little longer than I thought, but not because of the Bible. I was well into the story by then. In fact, writing prose after my other time consuming project felt great. When I was done, I had managed to amass a 7590 word draft for my 5000 story. But I had a draft to whittle down to shape.I ran errands for a few hours and then came back to return to the basement office and back to work on the Unnamed Project. I worked on that until about 7 and then made myself dinner and watched The Unbearable Lightness of Being. I had seen it before, years ago, but had read something referring it recently so it had been on my mind. It was still a very well done film with some great performances.Sunday, I finished the last few episodes of Veronica Mars to start the day. (Side note: given my comments the other day about finales, let me say that this was how not to do it. The series just ended with too many threads left dangling and no sense of satisfaction.) It was then off to the gym, home, shower, start the laundry and back to the Project. Pretty much the rest of the day was writing, folding and lunch until about 6. However, once I shut down the system, I was 74% done with the project and suddenly I saw the light flick on at the far end of the tunnel. Boy did that feel good. Even better, my editor recently said it will be announced soon and then I can finally talk about it.Collected Deb and the kids from the airport, picked up takeout and settled in the family room to bond over Chinese food and the Mets/Yankees game. While our team forgot to play, it was great being with the family once more.Robbie couldn’t wait and as I was dishing out the food, he presented me with my gift. Back as a kid, for whatever reason, my favorite Met was first baseman Ed Kranepool. Don’t ask me why, but the burly slugger was my fave and Robbie gifted me with autographed pictures of the man which was really sweet.Kate said I’d have to wait until today for my gift. Turns out, I’m still waiting. She did give me a placeholder gift: a pound bag of blue and orange M&Ms, continuing the Mets theme this weekend.You might imagine, all in all, it was a productive and satisfying weekend capped off in the nicest way possible.

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