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Interestingly, on Friday, my colleague Jennifer and I got into a debate over how people spend their time with me so hardwired to be constantly productive, my family has begun to complain I don’t know how to relax.I got a taste of relaxation on Saturday.But, first, there were things to do. After a round of Fairfield errands, I took the ferry over to Port Jefferson where I was collected by Peter David. By the time we made it back to his home, our co-conspirators Mike Friedman and Keith DeCandido were on hand. Soon after, we were joined by long time pal Glenn Hauman who was there for something entirely different.After he got to work on making a house call to Peter’s computer, he joined us as we began rehearsing for Mystery Trekkie Theatre. We ran through the opening skit a few times, making each other laugh as we got our lines and rhythms into synch. Then, we began to compare notes on this year’s episode. Now, this was our twelfth episode so we had set jokes, stuff that was so obvious, we all came up with the same lines. Then came the lines where one or two of us had conflicting notions, coupled with stuff that occurred to us as the episode played. We were constantly pausing; rewinding, debating and making each other guffaw. Glenn threw out lines and I had a sheet of notes from Robbie, who couldn’t attend but wanted to participate (and he’ll be thrilled at least one of his suggestions made it). All along, I’m forming the master script with time codes, assigning speakers, and scribbling the actual line (which, without the episode is the greatest collection of nonsequitors you can ever find). Peter and Kathleen were the consummate hosts, with plenty to drink and bowls of snacks, with young Caroline doing her part by handing us snacks.By 2:30 or so, we had not only finished the episode, but also a pizza, and were feeling pretty good. Keith had just missed a train and it was too late to leave for the 3 p.m. ferry so we all had an unexpected hour to kill. With Free Enterprise playing on the TV, a curious sense of timing, we just sat and schmoozed and…relaxed. What a nice feeling to just hang with friends. We tend to all be so busy, we see each other at meals, conventions and other joint events but rarely just hanging out.I was feeling pretty good on the ride back across Long Island. Now, of course, I’m faced with the reality of obligations that will keep me going for a while before I can do that relaxing thing again.

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  1. Hey Bob,Are you going to Comicon this year?email me back, minus the spaces. I’d like to put you on some invitations lists.

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