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You can feel the cold descending on you. You’re losing energy, the mind starts to wade through cotton batting and that irritation in throat starts to hurt. Yep, it’s a full-fledged summer cold sure to cause aches and pains, keep me up at night and make dry cough all through the day despite my favorite medicines.A perfect time for a meeting marathon.Last night the RTM Standing Committees convened at 7 to finish left over business form the previous week so we could attack the full agenda t 8 p.m. Well, the first snag began when it appeared Finance and Legislation & Administration had their public notices messed up, preventing us from formally meeting. Instead, we sat as member of the public listening to a slam-dunk presentation regarding applying for a state grant.We then had about thirty minutes for our usual caucuses and since there was truly nothing controversial on the thirteen point Agenda, we had time to kill. The main meeting ran a tidy 60 minutes as we whipped through everything that filled in some committee vacancies, paid off on a contract obligation, applied for some state monies and even heard two reports on existing programs.By 9, as others headed out for the socialable soda, my Special Committee reconvened. To my surprise, we had only three members of the public attend as opposed to the 34 who were there the last time. We spent an hour going back and forth over the Demolition Delay and by the end of that time, I had worked through several tissues and had my mind focused on bed. However, it appears we’re slowly moving in a direction that may wrap this up once and for all. By the time I got home at nearly 10:30 I was beat, but spent time with Katie, to play some catch-up and listen to her concerns over the future.This morning, I woke up even fuzzier, and discovered an oddly timed piece about the committee running in the Connecticut Post. Page one no less. I find the timing odd since the article ran too late for people to come to last night’s meeting and ran too early to cover the events of last night’s meeting. I took the phrase “weak” leadership personally although others interpreted it to mean our First Selectman. Either way, it didn’t sit well.

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