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The closing of Weekly World News instantly reminded me of the final episode of the brilliant Sports Night. For two episodes, Dana the Producer had been speaking with a charming man at her favorite watering hole. By the end of the second part, she realizes the man was wealthy and had just bought her show’s parent company.Dana: You bought Continental Corp?Trager: Turns out I picked up a few more shares of stock, yeah.Dana: Why didn’t you tell me?Trager: I just wrote a check for 18 billion dollars, Dana. My scouting says you don’t keep a secret so good.Dana: I can change.Trager: Yeah… well, we’re going to work on that.Dana: We’re going to work on it?Trager: Yeah.Dana: You’re keeping the station?Trager: Yeah.Dana: (looking faint, hopeful) You’re keeping the show?Trager: Yeah. It’s a good show, Dana. Anybody who can’t make money off Sports Night should get out of the money-making business.Amen.

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  1. So, are you suggesting that anyone who can’t make money off “Bat Boy” should get out of the business?

  2. Bob, I just heard that WWN will be shutting down, and I’ve got to say I’m really shocked… I immediately checked my calendar, but it really isn’t the 1st of April anymore, so I probably will have to believe that it’s indeed true. 🙁 Really, it’s a darn shame to see one of the last quality newspapers on the market go down like this…Thanks a bunch for all the fun you provided to me and my friends, though. We really laughed our heads off quite often!

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