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The news continues to spread about the paper and scanning the coverage has been fascinating. Most quote each other or my blog or just AMI’s release. The Palm Beach Post had one of the more interesting takes on the situation, placing our closing in context with general newsstand sales woes. And last night, Keith Olberman paid us tribute on the closing segment of Countdown.I received an offer to write a first person piece on the closing for the Toronto Star, which was flattering but I turned it down.Meantime, we’re one page away from closing the penultimate issue and have already gotten started on our finale. It’s definitely been a week for mixed emotions.On the other hand, it was also my birthday this week and I received many cards and e-mails from friends and family, which was nice. Robbie barbecued up a favorite dinner and we feasted on one of Cold Stone Creamery’s finest chocolate cakes.It’s been a week to hear from friends near and far as the news spread, including one friend who crawled out from isolation to chat, which was terrific.The networking and job hunt continues, slowed by the sheer volume of contacts now hobnobbing at San Diego. In-between work and job hunting, I’ve managed some web writing and more work on The Soon to be Named Project.

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  1. We cheered when your name was mentioned on CNN this week in an article on the closing, although we’re sad to see the WWN disappear. As our brutal local burglary-murder this week has been the mainstay of even national news, it reminds us even more that when everyone else is waving sickening reality in your face, you really miss having a bizarre and fantastic safe headline to take your mind off it.

  2. Happy Birthday to you, and my condolences on the recent loss of your father-in-law, if I have inferred correctly.My favorite WWN headline covered the entire front page in 3-inch high letters in all capitals from sometime in ’80 or ’81: “AIR FORCE FIGHTER HAS DOGFIGHT WITH ARMED STARSHIP”.I wish I still had it.

  3. M’s and my condolences to Deb for her father (that’s what happens when you read entries backward), and happy birthday, Bob.FAMED PSYCHIC’S HEAD EXPLODES

  4. Dear Mr. Greenberger:I’m Rob Ervin with 700 WLW-AM, in Cincinnati, OH. We’re also heard on XM 173. We’d love to chat with you regarding WWN. We used to talk with Lesky Pinson quite often but that faded away a while ago. Best part is: we’re an afternoon show so no one gets up early!You may contact me at bbc@700wlw.comThanks,Rob Ervin700 WLW

  5. Happy birthday, Bob.I keep remembering great WWN front pages of old.TITANIC SURVIVOR FOUND ALIVE IN ATLANTIC with a picture of a wizened old man floating in a life ring marked Titanic.Then, a month or two later, BONES OF TITANIC VICTIM FOUND IN ATLANTIC with the same picture, only this time it’s a skeleton floating in the life ring. Same pose and everything!Gotta love it.-Paul

  6. Bob, I wish you well and am convinced that a great job for you is just around the corner.Unfortunately, if that great job happens to mean relocating to the planet Zmorg, we’ll never get a chance to write about it.My very best to you,Denny

  7. First, best birthday wishes from me, the Mrs. and The Boy to you, Bob.As for the WWN: In all the years I’ve known you, whenever a professional door has closed, another one has opened, and it’s usually led you to something better. Count on all of us to tag along for the ride.– L.

  8. I’m really sorry WWN is shutting down. Writing for it was always one of my dreams – kinda stupid, but I loved the whole concept, the humor and the pastiche and… it’s always been my favorite newspaper.I’m going to miss it.(and for the record, I found this blog through a news site reporting on the shut down, which is why you’ve probably never heard of me before. Just a fan. Unless I’m secretly an alien. With amnesia. You never know.They’re tricksy, those aliens)

  9. Happy belated Birthday. Sorry to hear about the gig at WWN ending. Sounded like a great place to work. Best of luck in your next incarnation. I certainly know how you feel having lived through the implosion of the independant comics companies in the 90’s, as you know.I’ll stay tuned to see where you land. I’m getting the itch to draw comics again and even have a couple of projects that will see print in the next 12 months or so. Maybe we’ll get that chance to work together again yet…

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