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And we adjourned.Last night, the Special Committee met with everyone determined this would be the final meeting. All we had to do was discuss the Demolition Delay ordinance and call it a committee.Not only were a larger-than-usual number of people in attendance, but so was the Connecticut Post’s Fairfield beat reporter, Andy Brophy, a first. We straggled in and got right to work.By this point, we knew the main issues, and what we had hoped to accomplish. It came down to a matter of which of two drafts and approaches we wanted to forward to the RTM. It was spirited, and polite, as we explored nuance, language and intent, but took nearly twice as long as anticipated.We wound up approving one version but it wasn’t unanimous and we were going to live with that. Since we were in Public Executive Session, the citizens could not comment and I could tell several were bursting to say something. No doubt we’ll hear from them at the RTM meeting at month’s end.When we adjourned, most of us lingered to chat with the attendees and make certain Mr. Brophy got what he needed for his story. Then, the committee repaired to our assistant town attorney’s home for a celebratory cookout. We chatted, ate, chatted some more as the evening wore on.It was exactly what we need after what totaled a year a day since we first convened. I have no idea how this version will be received by the RTM but do know we gave it our best effort. I will admit, I am glad to have discharged this particular duty and can concentrate on other matters.

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