More Whimper than Bang

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It all began with a cavity and never seemed to get much better.Friday morning started with a routine visit to the dentist who found a cavity, the first one in memory. Then I headed into Manhattan for the final day at the office. By 10:30 I signed off on the final two page proofs and issue 35 was closed. We also received printed copies of issue 34 so we had a chance to reminisce for a moment.Jeff Rovin took the team to lunch which was a lovely gesture. We swapped stories and ate some fine food.Then it was back to clean out the desk. After 13 months I hadn’t accumulated too much since after all, it was a cube. It didn’t take too long then I had to surrender the AMI stuff like the ID card. From there, I made a quick round of farewells and then walked out the door……and the skies opened up. We had a sudden, heavy rain shower and had I just packed away for shipping my office umbrella.I’m going to miss Weekly World News. We had a blast putting it together and getting it out the door every week. The office team really got into a nice rhythm and we had such plans and dreams for the future. The outpouring of commentary from websites, newspapers and television stations around the country, heck, around the world, was amazing.We had to turn down requests for on air interviews at AMI’s insistence but it would have been fun for me or Paul Kupperberg to have honored some of those requests. Ah, well.This weekend has been tidying stuff up on my desk and getting stuff organized so I can turn the page and begin the hunt in earnest for the next career step. Thankfully, the freelance I carry on my To Do list will fill the next 5-6 weeks full time so that’s something.

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  1. I don’t understand why you couldn’t do on-air interviews — as the cliche’ goes, what could AMI do, fire you?Obviously there may be considerations of which I’m unaware, but on the surface it seems to me that an attitude of “You have no authority over me, I’ll talk to whom I please” is in order.

  2. It’s too bad, but maybe somebody else will buy the publication and revive it.It’s too late now, but I feel like asking anyway– did they accept freelance submissions? I wish I’d asked about writing for them.Did you see the anthology Esther Friesner edited a few years ago? The title was Alien Pregnant by Elvis, and had the kind of stories the WWN had.

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