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Being a creature of habit has its advantages.I slipped right back into the routine that got me through last year’s layoff and have managed a reasonable output. I’ve managed to complete the first draft of the Soon to be Named Project and am now on the second draft since it’s due in, oh, 23 days.Additionally I have managed some outline work for existing projects, got a glimmer of hope from one contact about a book, and wrote up my Special Committee’s final report. Meantime, I’ve been networking and chatting with people about something more fulltime and we’ll see where all that goes.As a homeowner, I’ve also managed errands including an overdue trip to the dump. And I’ve been making dinner the last few nights which helps, since Deb has been in the city all week.Heck, I’ve managed to carve time for the gym, my morning newspapers and a book. At night, we’ve been catching up on our summer television. We sampled Mad Men which Deb found a little too in your face with its sexist attitudes. I’m less certain and may try another episode or two. We’re also two episodes into Damages, which looks promising. It’s slick and well-acted but sheesh, can it get any more manipulative? About the only one who has no agenda is the fiancée and he wound up dead. I like the idea that all thirteen episodes are devoted to the single case so we can really explore how things develop. I also have to admit to watching Army Wives with Deb and Kate. It’s a guilty pleasure. I tried it on the strength of my enjoyment of Kim Delaney’s previous work but it’s addictive and I like how it shows difference points of view on the core issues of the military and what’s going on in Iraq.Three days in, I can say, so far so good.

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  1. Got my Weekly World News today. It’s hard to believe there won’t be anymore. Snff.

  2. Glad to hear you’re busy, amigo, and good luck with the various projects and irons. Miss seeing you at lunch, though. Have you checked out Pushing Daisies? The wife and I quite liked the pilot.

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