A Freelancer’s Lament

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The life of a freelance writer has its ups and downs, with unexpected surprises, both good and bad.Late last week, Leah Wilson at BenBella Books told me that despite a few passes, an essay of mine would not be included in their 2008 collection devoted to examining Batman.Yesterday, I heard Random House canceled a contract for a Weekly World News-related book. I had written quite a few pieces for it last summer and filled gaps with five more pieces over the last few days. It makes perfect sense RH would choose to abandon the project given how American Media abandoned the newspaper.When we write, we want our work to be read and enjoyed by others. When we write for pay, we want our work to be read in addition to being paid for our efforts. In both cases above, at least there has been compensation.I’m disappointed by both developments but remain hopeful that something things in the offing will come through.Meantime, I am devoting much of this month to polishing the Soon to be Named Project in addition to some shorter works. Fortunately, there’s enough to keep me occupied as the job search continues.

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