Report from the Troll’s Lair

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Kate is back to writing on her delightful and witty blog and in summing up her summer, mentioned, “My father, along with his noble publication, is seeking other means of occupying his time, all of which involve lurking in the basement like some sort of pale, pretzel-and-coffee-consuming troll.”Well, I admit to being pale but that is a constant state for me since I avoid the outdoors whenever possible.And yes, while working from home, I tend to drink little else but coffee and have been known to binge on pretzels in lieu of lunch or as a late afternoon snack. It’s the troll part I’m having issues with.I work in the basement because that’s where the office is. I’d dearly prefer someplace with windows and natural light, with places for pictures and more shelving for books and knickknacks but I’m dealing and have worked from here since we had the space fashioned nearly fifteen years ago.While down here, this time around, I’ve been working steadily. Part of the time is job hunting but the majority has been spent on polishing the Soon to be Named Project which is due on the 31st.Additionally, I have completed an interview with Walt Simonson for Marvel Spotlight magazine and revised the Zorro outline for Moonstone. I’ve got a media tie-in novel proposal that suddenly came together thanks to the enthusiasm of a collaborator. An original project I haven’t thought about in a year or so is slowly waking from the dead, largely in part to one of the two other partners involved.I’m busy, no question about that. In the process, I don’t think I’ve devolved into a troll’s shape – at least I hope not. If it’s happened, everyone’s being awfully polite around me.

4 thoughts on “Report from the Troll’s Lair

  1. Well, they say that you can always trust your family to *not* be polite and tell it like it is.But you should still get a second opinion. ;^D-Andy Holman

  2. “… Dawn take you all… and be stone to you!”- Gandalf’s encounter with the trolls in “The Hobbit”

  3. Hm, second opinion from the wife here. While he may exhibit certain troll-like behaviors, such as spending extraordinary amounts of time in a cave-like environment and communicating by shouting unseen from said cave, he certainly doesn’t look like a troll. :-)That being said, perhaps the office is more dungeon than cave, since he was banished to the basement due to lack of space above ground.

  4. Sure, Deb.Of course you’re gonna say he doesn’t look troll-ish. But does he have a tendancy to dwell under the wooden bridge and prey on baby sheep? 😉

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