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I love my New York Mets, but boy are they maddening.For a team that has pretty much been in first place all season long, they haven’t really played like champions. Instead, they can’t seem to string together more than four wins in a row and prove inconsistent up and down the line-up. The good news for the latter is that when someone is sucking, say a guy named Carlos, someone else is carrying the load (thank you David Wright).The bullpen, which helped them all last season, hurt them all this season. I remain surprised Omar Minaya did not make an August 31 deal to bolster the bullpen. After trading for Jeff Conine and grabbing Marlon Anderson off the scrap heap, the bench is in terrific shape.The starting rotation has also been uneven and as good as Oliver Perez has been most of the season, now is not the time for him to falter. With Pedro Martinez back as of tomorrow, and if he’s really ready to pitch in the Big Leagues, then the rotation is substantially improved even with El Duque now injured.The low point had to be the four game sweep by the Phillies this past week but thankfully they bounced back to take the first two against Atlanta. It could have sucked the energy from them and let them give up the lead but they remain there with a three game cushion. I wish it were seven, but I’ll take what I can get.Around the majors we have some exciting races for division and wild card slots so September will be anything but boring and I can safely say my guys will turn up in the psot-season.

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