Laboring on Labor Day

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Some people use the three days known as Labor Day Weekend and avoid actual labor in favor of a last gasp of summer fun. Others use it to tackle projects a normal weekend is too short to complete.We seem to have opted for the latter and then some.Prepping Kate’s bedroom to become Deb’s new home office took longer than expected. We miscalculated and primed the room using an oil-based primer that meant it needed days, not hours, to properly cure. Finally, last Wednesday, we resumed work as I painted the ceiling. On Friday, we got a jump on the long weekend by painting the walls with a coat of color in the morning and a second coat late in the day.As a result, I figured we’d finish the rest and still have time for some rest and relaxation. I was very, very wrong.Saturday had us up and painting early, as Deb got to work on apply paint to the trim. Later, I headed to the backyard with the three louvered bi-fold doors and primed them. Around this time, she also decided we really should take advantage of the opportunity and paint the closets. So, she completed the trim then primed the three closets, which of course prompted her to decide we needed to replace the flooring in the walk-in closet. By dinnertime, we were pretty tired so went to the movies where we could sit without interruption. We chose No Reservations which I enjoyed a lot. It’s not perfect and rather predictable but it was well shot and well acted. I also decided it was one of the first romantic dramadies I can think of.On Sunday, I spent the morning painting one side of the three doors and let them bake in the sun while I ran to the gym. Later, I managed to get the second side done while Deb got all three closets painted. She and Robbie also ran out to pick up new flooring and other odds and ends the room needed. That included renting a carpet shampooer which we used on the room once everything else was done. Once again, this was a long and tiring day so once more we retreated to the movies. Robbie joined us to see The Bourne Ultimatum, which was a most satisfying conclusion to the trilogy. Matt Damon and company were all pretty terrific and while the action sequence editing left something to be desired, the movie began at full speed and never let up which I appreciated.The final day of the weekend saw the painting gear being put away. Now it came for time to inhabit it. We tore up the vinyl flooring, swept and cleaned it out. While Deb installed the new flooring, Robbie and I began moving things upstairs. Her desk was wide and heavy and took a lot of ingenuity to get it upstairs and then through the doorway. Her worktable was narrower but heavier and that involved all three of us moving it up. A new secretary we bought at Ikea turned out to be missing a few screws so work on assembling it had to stop until they could mail out replacements. We moved the actual office stuff first, then the computer gear and then some of her crafts. As Deb reconnected everything, Robbie moved all the furniture back into the Family Room (which we shampooed after coming home from the movies so it could dry overnight) while I shampooed the Master Bedroom, Robbie’s room and the hallway. In between, we ran out for a wireless card and I got some writing for a website that was due this morning.Again, by dinner time, all three of us were worn out so we through dinner on the grill and collapsed on the couches for an evening of television watching.So, this morning, Deb went upstairs to her office, I retreated to my office in the basement and we’re back to work. Sure, there’s more to move up and more to organize but she can work which was the goal.I have to say, it’s satisfying how much we got done over the last few days. It’s even more satisfying being at my desk and writing once again, and writing about a variety of things.

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  1. Geez, your weekend sounds as busy as mine.Friday: Yard work. Edge the sidewalks, cut the grass. Shift three cars in order to sweep clippings out of the gutter and knock down the stuff growing in the ruts in the driveway. Polish some chrome that’s gotten nasty.Saturday: Mess around on the computer for a few hours, then more yard work, this time at Mom’s. Cut the grass. Marvel at how much dust the mower is kicking up (Mom’s yard is about 70% weeds and crabgrass). Wash Mom’s car (this happens about twice a year, since I don’t live there). Shower, go to a joint 40th-birthday party for the Shockeys.Sunday: Wash three more cars, wax one of them (two coats on an old paint job). Shower, go grocery shopping. Channel-surf until Entourage comes on.Monday: Try unsuccessfully to fix new glitch in one car’s instrument panel. Go online looking for a fix. Get a call inviting me to a cookout. Spend afternoon relaxing with friends. Get home in time for Weeds. Fall asleep watching Adult Swim.

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