Rediscovering the Weekend

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When you have a day job, freelance work tends to occur at night but largely it consumes the weekend. You rush through chores, skim the paper and before you know it, you’re at the desk and pounding away.With my big project done, I actually have regained my weekends and I have come to realize how much I enjoy it. It’s restful for me and for Deb since we actually get to spend time together.Yesterday, rather than write, I spent the morning building tents and climbing ladders to help set up the Church’s annual picnic. I spent the afternoon running errands with Deb, most of which had to do with getting more stuff she needs for her new home office. This morning was laundry, desk stuff (paying bills, etc.) and then the gym. A brief stop at the Democratic headquarters then home for more laundry, some lunch, and once this is posted, I’m going upstairs to…read.Reading books and magazines has become problematic – not enough time, too much to read. Having time to read has been cut in half during the week but maybe I can pick up some time now.Now, it won’t always be so relaxed. After all, I need to hit the streets and start campaigning or visit with friends or paint the downstairs bedroom before moving Kate’s stuff into it. There’s always something when you’re a home owner as well.And then tomorrow morning, I can return to the desk, refreshed and resume my life as a coffee-swilling, pretzel-munching troll.

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  1. Bob — need to talk to you. Sooner is better. Wildcard editorial opportunity I’d like to give you background on, then point you at the guy behind the project. I sang your praises last night during dinner. Call me ASAP at either 415-564-5267 or 925-260-2725 (cell).– Connor

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