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The nice thing about having multiple projects at once is that as you draft one you can easily put it aside and tackle the next thing on your list. This way, when it’s time to actually polish and deliver the first project, some days have passed and you can assess the work with fresh eyes.At least that’s the theory.Since Labor Day, I have managed drafts on The Avenger, Zorro and Christina Aguilera and am looping back to finish these before moving on to the Star Trek: TNG eBook. Interestingly, the expected word count on this one is more than the three shorter works combined. Should be nice to have a little more elbow room.Meantime, a media tie-in anthology finally got back to me with a “thanks, but no thanks” note. The editor was very gracious and gave me and my co-writer good notes as to why neither pitch was accepted.On the other hand, I was invited to pitch to a non-fiction anthology that will have me put my historian’s hat on and that could be fun.I remain hopeful that something long-term will turn up soon since I’m finally catching up on all my commitments.

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