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And we’re off.Yesterday as the rains ended and the sun burned through the haze, District 8 began campaigning for re-election. At first, I teamed with Larry Kaley and then added Allen Marks as we went door to door, introducing ourselves, handing out flyers and taking notes as issues got raised.One of the two streets we canvassed yesterday was Allen’s home street so he knew everyone and there was a tremendous amount of chatting going on which was good but also slowed us down. As a result, despite three hours at this, I managed a mere two streets. We’re in a dense district which doesn’t help so 2 down and lots to go.I just got back from walking three more streets closer to home. The first block and a half was a breeze. No one answered at a single home during that stretch. I merely jotted a note on our brochure and left it behind.Then I hit a bunch of homes with people around. One couple, seniors, had plenty to say on a few issues. I listened, took notes for upper management and had a fairly nice exchange. Several others shook my hand, wished me well but had no thoughts or concerns about the town. Then there were others with specific concerns so chatted about those for a few minutes.After two hours, I had covered far more ground which felt better. As far as local politics goes, walking the district is the most effective way of getting seen and hearing what’s on people’s minds. For those state office candidates who manage to somehow walk their entire distracts, I remain favorably impressed.District 8 is almost evenly Republican and Democrat with some 1600 unaffiliated voters who will sway the election. With five Democrats and three Republicans running, it means two of us will win easily. Of the five incumbents, three are running so it’s likely of the two Democrats to automatically win, it’s likely to be two of us. Beyond that, who knows which way it will go?

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  1. I give a whole lot of credit to anyone running for office who comes to my door, even if there’s no way in Hades I’ll vote for them. If we see even half-way eye-to-eye, it will clinch my vote for them. That, and I feel sorry for them, for I usually give them several pieces of my mind for their trouble (which is why I have so little left).

  2. Totally off-topic, but whats up with your METS, Bobby? I thought it was in the bag? Now the hapless Phillies might make a late break for the division? It might be me, but even if they still take the NL East, third week of September is the absolute WRONG time to be slumping!Bob Ahrens

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