The Week So Far

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This is a weird week, a transitional one.The major freelance assignments are done and several little bits awaited me as the week began. I figured I could tackle a bunch of this stuff and find the time to finally get back to my original idea. Also, I’ve begun talking to other people about using my editorial and publishing skills to act as project manager on some tings. I spent part of Monday and Tuesday on those matters, hoping they catch on and can lead to some nice paying work.Without pressing deadlines over my head, I find myself more easily distracted. Motivation is also a little harder to come by. Still, there’s work to be done and fortunately, I received a ton of excellent notes from a friend, Allyn Gibson, who reviewed my Star Trek: The Next Generation eBook. As a result, Tuesday was spent making the changes which involved fixing poor word choices and restructuring the opening sequence. The eBook is better for his efforts and it went off to Mr. Editor before the day was out.Wednesday saw me with just the 1000 word article for Star Trek Magazine. It’s my first assignment for them and a chance to contribute to their 15th anniversary salute to Deep Space Nine. I puttered a good chunk of the day on researching it in addition to running some errands but it also got done and delivered to the other Mr. Editor.Then a funny thing happened. A website I’ve done some writing for called and asked me to tackle a few more things for them. They wish it to remain anonymous and that’s fine by me since it’s not all that creatively challenging and the pay is good. At least they think well enough of me to keep giving me things.Today, while having the car serviced, I received a call about a project I thought might be dead. Nope, it’s just been in Legal Hell and it only emerged unscathed yesterday. Now I have to put together numerous ideas and present a formal plan for my involvement.All of a sudden, a week that looked fairly barren and scary when it comes to paying work has perked up. It won’t make me rich or even replace the WWN income, but it does keep things going, starting with bolstering the somewhat deflated ego. Should any of the above actually happen, it could mean enough streams of income to make staying home work for the short term, and that’s not bad at all.The freelancer’s life is a scary one and one I remain unconvinced I’m cut out for. It certainly helps that Deb is also working out of the house most days and I have someone to actually see and speak with. Robbie pops in and out to and from college or work so he is also around. Still, some mornings I wake up facing a very uncertain world and it can be scary. Yes, the last two periods of unemployment took months to resolve themselves but it never replaces the occasional moments of panic.One upside to being here is that it means stuff gets done without waiting for the weekend. I’ve also been a little freer than usual to hit the campaign trail at the drop of the hat, as I did Tuesday afternoon as the First Selectman and I knocked on doors together.It’s all very much a mixed bag right now and as I wait for things to resolve themselves I find my emotions swinging from one extreme to another which no doubt drives the family up the wall.

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