Is This a Day Off?

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As discussed here previously, there are times I genuinely don’t know what to do with myself if free time exists. And yet, I crave blocks of time off.Deb has been with Kate at Stitches East, a knitting convention in Baltimore. I thought I’d have the weekend to myself. Well, not quite, but today I had hours and hours to myself. So, what did I do?Apparently, my body thinks sleeping late means 7:15 since that’s what happened both mornings. Today, I went downstairs, made coffee and let the dogs out. Then, I leisurely read the papers. I then had to watch something on disc for some web writing that had to be done. With a fresh cup, I journeyed to the desk where I did e-mail, surfed the usual websites, filed for unemployment, and paid bills. I then did the necessary web writing then put the finishing touches on my interview with Peter David for the next issue of Write Now!.Finally, around noon, I made it upstairs where I finally sat for a while. I finished reading Resistance, J.M. Dillard’s latest Star Trek novel, which was rather entertaining. I had lunch, chatted with Mom, spent a little time with Robbie.Is this really a day off? No, since I had work that needed doing. But, it is certainly paced like one and it feels…weird. I’d like to try this again, with less on my plate, so maybe I could actually, I dunno, play a game on the computer.And now, it’s time to become a politician.

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