Happy Anniversary Deb!

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Given current circumstances, we decided some weeks back that today, our twenty-seventh wedding anniversary, would be a low key affair. After all, it’s not a significant number and we’re just two years removed from the big celebration.Also, thanks to both of us working out of the house, we’ve benefited from a lot more time together which has been most pleasant. It’s certainly a hint of what our retirement years will be like and if it holds, I’ll be content.Not that the day is going unnoticed. We tend to hide a card or two for each other, thinking ourselves oh so clever. The first fairly attacked me as I opened the medicine cabinet, reaching for the toothpaste. I found another propped on the coffeemaker, waiting for me to find it first thing in the morning. Deb had one fall out of this morning’s Times when she reached for the Metro section. There’s another she has yet to come across.Both kids remembered to acknowledge the day without prompting, another sign they’re reaching adulthood.We had an early lunch, indulging by running out to Rawley’s for the state’s best hot dogs. As we left, Robbie just pulled up since his last class of the day had been canceled. He happily joined us and we enjoyed this rare treat complete with real chocolate milkshakes (diets be damned today!).Later tonight, we’ll go out for sushi, trying a new Japanese restaurant and then Deb’s off to choir practice so our evening entertainment, a movie, is scheduled for tomorrow night.We’ve reached a nice point in our married life: very comfortable together, very happy to weather life’s changes and looking forward to a future side-by-side. This leaves me happy and content.Meantime, we’re both working. A chunk of today was spent on revisions to Slings and Arrows book five since Keith the Editor insisted it nestle a little more neatly between books 4 and 6. I also have a conference call later this afternoon which may or may not lead to something.Speaking of which, I have my second honest-to-goodness job interview tomorrow which brings me back to Manhattan for the first time since I left Weekly World News.

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  1. You were in NY on Saturday? Cindy and I were there on Wednesday to see “Curtains” (which we loved)! We should have taken a few more days off from work (or just faked our deaths) and booked another train out. We could have met you for lunch! Serves me right for not getting in touch beforehand.Whatever. Hope the interview went as well as the anniversary.

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