The Totem Pole

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Was a busy, but satisfying weekend all in all.I actually stayed away from the computer pretty much from Saturday morning through this morning. I will admit that on Sunday morning, I was physically tired but emotionally wired, itching to tackle the things I left undone on my desk, all of which could wait.Sunday, Deb and I drove up to Duchess County for the New York Sheep and Wool Festival. II do not share her passion for yarn and knitting. Still, a day out, time with Deb, indulging her passion, that’s all good, too.We were accompanied by her brother Jim and his fiancée Jennifer, both knitters, so this was a good mix for the day. It was also sunny, warm and perfect for a day at the fairgrounds.One of the highlights for us was attending an event with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, a.k.a. Yarn Harlot. Not only does she knit, but she blogs about it with tremendous verve and wit. Deb and Katie have adored her blog for years and own all four of Stephanie’s best-selling humor books on the topic. Deb has also seen Stephanie speak before so knew we’d be in for a good time.Stephanie was indeed entertaining. She’s also a geek. No doubt about it since she wore a t-shirt that read “All your yarn are belong to us” a variation on the video game bad translation that became a bit of catch-phrase a few years back.Her speech was a cut-down version of the one she gave in Manhattan this spring but Deb was the only one to recognize that. She noted that Stephanie appeared more relaxed having done this touring bit for a while now. One section that was omitted involved knitting, geeks and Star Trek. Not that I escaped unscathed.After the speech (which had me holding Deb’s cellphone so Kate could hear it down in Washington), Deb went to get one of Kate’s copies autographed. As they chatted, Star Trek came up and Deb admitted I wrote ST novels. Across the room, I saw Stephanie glance my way and then comment “lower on the totem pole”, indicating my place on the geekdom scale. Stephanie then talked about those knitting at SF cons events to which Deb admitted she has indulged.For those who knit, and there are 50 million of you in North America, I highly recommend her site and her books. For those who don’t but are writers, her entries about the process are also fascinating and enlightening.

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