Kate’s Visit

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For no particular reason, Kate came home for the weekend and it turned out to be a great move for all concerned.Those who know and follow Kate through her adventures are aware that in the last few weeks, job hunting has gone from theoretical to real. Given the field of her choice, she needs to start interviewing now since all government agencies take, like, forever to interview people. Plus, the nature of her desired work will also require Secret, if not higher, clearance and that, too, takes time.She’s been speaking with at recruiting fairs, people by phone, and had one in person interview with more to come. So, she needs people who have been through the process to commiserate and reality check her experiences with. This is where parents, well established in their careers, trump peers, most of whom have yet to begin the hunt.She also needed a suit for in person interviews. Fortunately, a brief foray into Manhattan resulted in a suit that fits, looks good and was on sale. It actually took us more stops and more time on Saturday to find your basic white, professional blouse to wear with the suit. Being such a plain item, I was the one to go out with Kate and it turned into an ordeal but thankfully, in the end we found her one that fit well. Mission accomplished.There was also the R&R aspect of having her home. Deb had a long week and we were all generally tired so vegging on the couch the last two nights felt like bliss. And having her around forced us to make real meals rather than dinner-on-the-fly which happen a lot given our schedules. We’re even making a traditional Sunday dinner this afternoon before putting her on the train back to D.C.She’s had one-on-one time with all three of us which made one and all very happy. She’s had some family time. She even got three full nights’ of sleep, apparently a recent first.We’ve been thrilled to have her around and yet, buying her the suit and talking interviews and strategies also reminds us that this is it. In the coming months, Kate will slowly be shifting her focus and priorities from completing course work to making decisions that will dictate the shape of her adult life. We’re guiding and supporting her, but it also means this is the final transitional steps in her leaving the nest once and for all.To me, it seems she’s got a good head on her shoulders. She knows when to ask for help, when to seek advice and when she can make choices for herself. We remain proud of her growth and with every step, we can see that she’s going to graduate and do just fine out in the world.

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