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Some times it’s hard to keep track of what I have done, what is in progress, and what is pending. The following is to help me as much as it is to show you guys what I’ve been up to.Completed and ScheduledYou Said What?: Several essays, book due for publication on December 10, 2007.Write Now! #17 : Peter David talks adapting The Dark Tower.Back Issue #23: Guest editorial on the founding of the Suicide Squad; should be out in January.Written and ScheduledTales of Zorro: Short story submitted to editor DATE; revisions requested October 31; awaiting feedback from editor on proposed modifications. Book scheduled for December release (yikes!).Star Trek: The Next Generation: Slings & Arrows – A Weary Life: Delivered to editor, October 2, delivered from editor to Pocket Books October 24. Scheduled for downloading March 2008.The Essential Batman Encyclopedia: Copyedited manuscript due this month, to be published June 10, 2008.The Avenger: Short story delivered to Moonstone September 13; editor requested revisions October 22; revisions delivered October 29. Scheduled for publication June 15, 2008.The Encyclopedia of Storytelling: J.R.R. Tolkien essay written, edited. Scheduled for publication June 2008.Written and UnscheduledChristina Aguilera: Manuscript delivered to the editor September 13, 2008.Captain Midnight: Short story delivered to editor October 17.Wonder Woman: Essay for BenBella; awaiting edits and publication date.“Steel & Chrome” in Age of War: A Classic BattleTech Anthology: manuscript turned in to editor on December 1, 2005; on indefinite hold.In the WorksHow to Lose a War: Three essays due in March 2008.”Things That Aren’t” sequel: Co-writer Michael A. Burstein is at work on the first draft.Actionopolis book: Started writing, awaiting revised deal memo.Media tie-in novel: Pitch finally read by editor; comments going back and forth.Media tie-in book: Pitch to editor September 13, no response as yet.Media tie-in book 2: Pitch to editor October 2, no response as yet.Media tie-in book 3: Publisher interested, awaiting word from co-author as to sample chapter.Media tie-in short story: Apparently rejected by licensee but with no explanation.Media tie-in comic book: May be dead, too, can’t tell from publisher.Additionally, I’ve been doing writing for a few websites but they prefer it be anonymous. I am grateful for the work and proud of it, but respect their wishes. I’ve also written some book jacket copy for Marvel which was a fun exercise.Editorial WorkWrite Now! #17: Pitching in to help editor Danny Fingeroth get this late issue completed. Been proofreading, copyediting, caption writing, nudging, the usual.Not much else I can say here. I’m project managing three things for one outfit and doing editorial consulting with a European outfit.I’m also this close to being able to talk about something I’ve been working on that may well be the next chapter in my life.

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