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This was the week one job indicated they’d be making their decision. Now, they might have and went with someone else or they might be taking their time. I don’t know. What I do know is that I continue to apply and continue to recognize that the volume of applications received has to be daunting to any company. So, going into the holiday period, I have no other interviews scheduled.As a result, I’ve continued to pile on freelance work, as writer, editor and project manager. Its beginning to look like this will be the next chapter of my professional life and I face it with mixed feelings. By and large, I dislike the uncertainty of a pure freelance life in addition to missing out on interaction with others. Sure, I can IM and e-mail like a madman, but getting up for coffee and chatting with people about whatever is different. With Deb also working in the house, I have at least one other person to speak with now and then, but one day her company will open a NY office and then it’ll be just me and the dogs.On the other hand, I begin this chapter with what I think is a good flow of work and income that will largely replace that which was lost when Weekly World News folded and once those checks start arriving with regularity, some of the fear and uncertain will diminish.To prepare for this phase, Deb decided I really needed a laptop. She scoped one out and it arrived yesterday (after a delay courtesy of the horrid DHL). It’s a Dell Vostro 1500 and she ensured it had the speed and storage to last me a good a long time. This gives me the flexibility to work from the road when I go to conventions or am away from home for extended periods (such as visiting family). It’s a little bigger and heavier than I imagined but is nice and powerful, ready to be loaded with everything from the desktop.One of these days, the home office will need some attention. Deb keeps talking about gutting and starting over. I’d be happy with a new desk set-up that addresses today’s needs. The desk I now use we bought about 20 years ago and was great for the Macintosh and other devices that have changed in size, shape and frequency of usage.No doubt, we’ll chat about this new chapter as it takes hold and we’ll see how it’s working.

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  1. Do you have a preference of o/s? Are you more of a MAC guy or has Windows Vista drawn you over to the Dark Side?Bobby

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