Getting the Hang of It

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Starting this week, I really have put myself into the freelancer’s mindset. This is my job; this is how I’m earning income for the foreseeable future.As a result, I am trying to organize my day so I spent the requisite hours on tasks based on discipline. For example, first thing in the morning are usually an assortment of e-ails on two of the projects I am managing for my pal Gorf. Those get taken care of first, especially since one of them required a script to be in this week so the artist involved can get started. Done. The other project will kick off in days and some art we needed lettered and composited needed completion today. Done.I then troll the net for information for another project we’ll talk about in a few weeks.Depending on what else is required, I do my writing for other websites, reply to e-mails and what not. In theory, if all goes according to plan, I then have most of the afternoon to concentrate on the latest To Be Announced book project. Out of the contracted 70,000 words, due December 31, today I cracked the 34,000 mark. So far so good.Meantime, I’m also keeping an eye out for other projects to follow this one. Thanks to the network (and my dear pal Laurie), I made a new contact for what could be an interesting new project.And then there’s old business such as the Batman Encyclopedia where I still need to scout graphics. One of these days, I’ll finally hear back on the Christina Aguilera bio which will allow me to update the info now that her baby boy has been confirmed.Of course, now that I’m home, I also have to deal with calls or e-mails pertaining to my new role as RTM Moderator. We’re putting together our first agenda this week so there’s a little learning curve involve plus people are still calling to offer congratulations or talk shop. That’s time that needs to be made up sooner or later, so sometimes the writing gets carried over into the weekends.All in all, I still try and wrap by 5 so I can have an hour or so to read a book before making or eating dinner.While I still allow my freelance to bleed into weekend hours, I am trying to keep the nights free since that’s when I still get to spend time with Deb.I’ve always wondered how friends like Peter David, Howard Weinstein and Keith DeCandido do it and now I’m finally getting a feel for it.

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