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Where have I been this week? Down in Florida, not enjoying the sunshine but to give my mother a hand for a few days.One of the reasons we got me the laptop when we did was knowing this trip was coming and allowing me to continue to work as best as possible. Mom has dial-up which wasn’t going to help with some of the files I would be sending and receiving. Fortunately, though, the clubhouse lobby has wi-fi so I stroll over there twice a day to keep in touch with the outside world.When not running errands or keeping her company, I write. Today, I am putting the finishing touches on the first draft of the Hellboy II novelization and that’s a big relief, since it gives me the rest of the month to polish. Yesterday, I caught the first teaser trailer, and already I can see things I need to tweak in my descriptions.It also looks cool.I’ve also managed to keep up with the projects I’m managing so all in all, being here hasn’t thrown me too much off stride.The weather, which everyone raves about, is lost on me. I’m not an outdoors kind of guy, but do appreciate not having to defrost windshields or shovel walkways which is just fine by me. Still, it’s odd to hear the Christmas carols and see the decorations with people wandering around in their Bermuda shorts.It’s also given me a chance to spend time with aunts and uncles who are down here and that’s always a plus. But, my time winds down and I fly home tomorrow to reunite with the family (Kate got home last night) and do our own Christmas thing.

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  1. Safe journeys, Bob! I hope everything goes well down south, and that you and the Greenberger clan have a wonderful holiday. [hugs]

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