Settling into the Season

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The house smells great.We brought the tree in on Saturday so the pine scent made Deb smile from rooms away. Baking has been an ongoing process since mid-week and today we’re producing three pies and three final batches of Christmas cookies.Soon the baking smells will be replaced by frying onions and sausage as we prep the stuffing for tomorrow’s turkey.Every radio, iPod and stereo is tuned in for Christmas music and the spirit has really settled in here in Fairfield, despite the mild weather and lack of a White Christmas.Yesterday, Paz, our old nanny stopped in for a few hours to say hello. Considering she now works in London, we don’t get to see her much at all so it was a terrific treat. She marveled over how big the kids (and dogs) had gotten since her last visit. After she left, we popped in the usual Christmas season videos: A Muppet Christmas Carol and the Muppet Christmas Special and indulged in goofy, family fun. (I managed all of 45 minutes of my favorite, the Alistair Sim <christmas Carol before Paz arrived and hope to finish it later.)Tonight, Kate will cantor at the Midnight Mass with Deb in the choir loft. Between now and then there will be some work, some play, a movie and our traditional Christmas Eve feast of ravioli and shrimp.A Merry Christmas to all who celebrate tomorrow and the eleven days that follow.

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