So Far So Good

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2007 wound down nicely, thank you. On Sunday, we actually got ourselves back to the gym after two weeks off which felt good. That night we attended a friend’s surprise birthday party and it was one of the best reactions I’ve seen. The guest of honor is the epitome of the absent-minded professor so missed the few clues there might have been and suspected nothing until he came trudging up the stairs, suggesting maybe they shouldn’t go out that night. He got his wish and then some.Monday was mostly a working day although there was time spent cleaning and prepping for the following day. While the kids went out, we actually enjoyed the peace and quiet of being at home. We watched The History Boys, which was quite good, and ate pie, totally relaxed.The New Year dawned bright and sunny, and we greeted it with smiles. The morning meant a little work and then prepping for the annual Open House. This year we had some new visitors and many returning friends which kept things lively. The ebb and flow was different this year as more came later and at 4 it seemed we changed around the cast as if on cue. The conversations were lively and I wish I had more time many guests but threw was too much food to put out and an ice bucket that seemed in constant need of attention. The final guests left around 6:30 and an hour later everything was cleaned up and packed away. Even though we trimmed back on snacks purchased or made, we still wound up with too much (except for Cheetos – our first guests included four kids who devoured the one bag, a particular favorite of Deb’s so Rob had to run out for more).We collapsed on the couch and watched some television and unwound nicely.And now it’s back to the routine. In a little while, I return my attention to Hellboy II: The Golden Army, which should be finished and delivered to my editor. I’ve also booked my plane tickets to San Diego for the summer convention and it’s a good thing I did since the frequent flyer mileage couldn’t get me a non-stop and the options were dwindling.I’m looking at 2008 as a year of milestones for friends and family, a better year than 2007 and one filled at the outset with possibilities. With luck, it’ll be a good year for one and all.

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