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What do I do all day?A lot of it is currently spent on project management for stuff you’d be blissfully unaware of were I not involved. One has gone live and I refer you to the kick off site. I’m helping traffic the scripts and artwork for this daily webcomic strip, which will debut at month’s end. It will run six months and feature artists from around the world, some familiar to comic book fans, others new to us all. One of the challenges will be to find said artists, especially given the cultural and language barriers.While I spend a fair amount of my time project management, I am also busy with other writing projects. On Wednesday, I turned in the manuscript to Hellboy II: The Golden Army. I was about a day off my pace which wasn’t bad considering the holidays and the trip to Florida.Meantime, I’ve no illusions about my skills as a writer so was more than thrilled when I had the chance to collaborate with my good friend Michael Burstein. The result, “Things that Aren’t”, appeared last February in Analog and Stan Schmidt, the editor, was most complimentary and even asked for a sequel which is currently in the works.This week we achieved a spot on the Preliminary Nebula Award ballot for Best Novelette. We’re one of fifteen candidates making it a one in three chance of making it to the final ballot.

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