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There are some days when I can set the pace, tackle that which needs tackling immediately and that which can tended to as time permitted.Then there are the other kinds of days.Yesterday was one of those days where it left me breathless as a full day got fuller and things I intended to do, had to be set aside. Given that our Microsoft project goes live on January 28, it was to be expected that we’d have some crunch days and yesterday proved to be one of those days.As with any custom job where you have to get rounds of approvals from the client, there are many different voices to listen to. In our case, we have to get input from not only Microsoft but Seagate, their partner. Everyone at both companies has been nothing but supportive and enthusiastic but it’s all new to them and as a result, a lot of our lead time vanished.Yesterday, prior to our weekly conference call, Microsoft said they had to have the first fourteen strips by the 23rd for their marketing needs. Well, that was news to us and it meant putting the peddle to the metal to regain lost time. Meantime, I was talking with UDON Studios, which is producing the digital inks and colors for the first two weeks before producing weeks three and four on their own.It became apparent we needed a buffer week of material so we brainstormed out a storyline in the morning and then I needed to track down an artist. Later in the day, he decided we needed some strips also to be held in reserve and wanted them ready ASAP so I turned to Insight Studios, no stranger to web comic strips and they agreed to pitch in.During all of this, the galleys arrived to my Star Trek: The Next Generation eBook and was dutifully informed they had to be read and commented on before lunch today.Just to add to the afternoon’s fun, the first draft agenda arrived for the January RTM meeting and needed to be reviewed and commented on.By 4 pm., it seemed that everything had been reviewed, addressed, considered and so on allowing me to dash out to head into NYC for a press screening of Cloverfield (which I will be reviewing here on Friday). When I returned last night, more e-mails awaited me including the first pass lettering to week one, more thoughts on the fill-in strips and a note from my editor at Rosen, telling me the galleys to Christina Aguilera were coming and could I jump on them?Yep, nothing like the freelancer’s life.

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