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We are stunned. The outpouring of messages here and privately, have been amazing – and very much appreciated. The comments have moved us to happy tears.I will not be turning this space into a daily diary about his condition but I did want to thank everyone for their prayers and best wishes. It was surprising to hear from old friends and colleagues dating back to my Comics Scene days.Robbie was touched to hear he’s a blogosphere star with mentions on multiple sites, which has just widened the circle of good thoughts coming his way.He began the chemotherapy yesterday and is adjusting. He’s an intermittently happy and miserable camper, but the nursing staff has been friendly and attentive, so he trusts them and does what they ask, likeable task or not. He’s fully engaged in what’s being given to him and what each is for and how it will affect him. His attitude on the phone with friends and family remains upbeat and strong.Again, my deepest heartfelt thanks to one and all.

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  1. Your daughter reports that Robbie’s quite the flirt and womanizer. Gee. I wonder where he got THAT from. [wicked grin]Seriously, anything I can do, let me know.

  2. Certainly a fringe benefit of an extended hospital stay: the nurses! I’m sure the cute kid Robbie will be getting extra special attention. 🙂

  3. Sorry I’m late to this surge of support– life is like that sometimes, keeping you focused on the little stuff of your own life and missing the bigger things in the lives of people you care about.My older sister succumbed to Leukemia two years ago, so I’m aware of the difficulties the diagnosis and fight can have on your life and loved ones. She had the added complication of Diabetes, and it was an infection she couldn’t fight off due to the chemotherapy that took her. Thankfully you’re without those addeded difficulties.It sounds like you’ve got a fight, but a winnable one on your hands. Prayers and thoughts of the Davis household will be with you.

  4. Mr Greenberger,You’d expect any less from fandom?Even still, I’ll risk sounding like a mad stalker Fanboy-type by saying you ARE family…. you are like my older brother, and that makes Robbie my nephew. Believe me, you’ve got more family than you know, a family who’d do anything for you. Keep the faith , dude!Hope to see you at Farpoint, but understand if otherwise.Love to Robbie Debbie and Kate…Bob, the shnozz

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