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It’s amazing how quickly Robbie fell apart last weekend and its equally amazing to see how things can improve.Yesterday, he was tired but clearly on the mend. Today, he’s the best we’ve seen him in weeks. In the last 24 hours he has been fever-free and they took him off the oxygen mask. In fact, they transferred him from the ICU back to the regular pediatric ward so we spent part of the afternoon moving him and decorating what should be his final room until discharge. The doctors are pleased with his progress as we begin day six of his induction treatment. Robbie’s numbers are where they should be and he’s finally demonstrating an appetite. Yesterday it was a few mandarin oranges, a bite of lasagna and half a slice of pizza. Today it was mixed fruit and pork lo main.We’re taking each victory where we can and today is a good one. The oncologists explained that after the ten days, he will begin to rebuild his counts and with it will come fevers and side effects so he’ll need monitoring and antibiotics, hence the usual period lasting a full month.Qapla!

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  1. Gary Gulman does a great comedy bit about how much he loves grapes — about how perfect they are in so many ways, about their arch enemy, grapefruit….apropos (of) nothing, except yay fruit.Thanks for education me that leukemia of itself is not an inheritable condition. I had assumed, since it is gene related, that it runs in families. Turns out, even when there is a gene factor, it is “acquired” in the course of life through a sort of an out-of-sequence misconnection between two genes. That’s interesting. I should do more reading.You know another very good fruit? Cherries. The bodegas in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park Chinatown were selling some really cherce-looking cherries this weekend. I recommend cherries.

  2. Bob,I came past here a few days ago and was horrified to find out what your family and Robbie are going through. I didn’t know what to say then, and I don’t know — I barely know you (although we’ve met at a couple of Shore Leaves many years ago), and as I’m atheist, I can’t say I’ve got you in my prayers.What I can say is that I’m thinking very much of you & your family and I’m very hopeful that Robbie continues to improve.

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