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Today, after months and months and months of development, blood, sweat and tears, Heroes Happen Here launched. The teaser strip has been up for a month but today, the first of six months’ worth of daily comic strips, have gone live. Out first two weeks were written by Chuck Dixon, illustrated by Rick Burchett and digitally inked and colored by UDON Studios and they made a fabulous team.Of course, by going live, this also means we can’t miss a day—no reprints, nothing—and that can be a somewhat terrifying notion as our creative process continues to be refined.Whether you’re a tech head or not, it’s worth a look.

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  1. Nice!You’re worried about the deadline schedule? Listen — if you ever get in a real bind, schedule-wise, I was thinking you can always go black & white. In a pinch, you know? Not every day, but in a pinch. I bet it would save some time.Just a thought. Hey, they’re free.

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