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At the moment, the good news is that I am not working on any long-form writing projects. Since all of my work is now being done from the hospital room, I have to be able to pick up and drop work at a moment’s notice. And still, I am accomplishing more than I thought.I’ve done a ton of writing for a website plus am nearly done with the galleys for The Essential Batman Encyclopedia and am done with Christina Aguilera. Earlier this week, I did a second base on Biomes: Deserts and sent it off to my patient editor at Rosen Books.And I’ve begun researching the Bataan Death March for my next YA non-fiction book, although this is for a different publisher and their requirements are different. I hope I can wrap my head around it all and manage to finish the research in order to prep an outline that they find satisfactory. Then they want a sample chapter which should be fine.No word yet from my editor or Universal about the Hellboy II: The Golden Army.Meantime, my various book proposals continue to circulate with editors, so nothing accepted, nothing rejected – and right now, that’s okay for the moment.

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  1. I read a book a couple of years ago, Ghost Soldiers by Hampton Sides, that offers a pretty harrowing account of the Bataan Death March, as well as what came after. Pretty gripping reading, and maybe a possible reference source?It was the basis for the film The Great Raid. Never saw it, so can’t offer a recommendation.

  2. Bob, can you contact me about a off-topic matter? I don’t have your direct email. —Denis

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