Week Three

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We find ourselves entering week three of the New Reality cautiously optimistic. Robbie completed his ten day Induction round of chemo and according to the doctors, handled it really well. There have been side effects including a nasty bout of pancreatitis but he did fine without giving up his spirit and determination to beat this.What happens next is that we wait and see how his blood counts begin to improve. We’re likely here another two weeks to ensure he is protected from infection and they can treat the inevitable fevers that are coming. Based on what happens during this period will dictate when he can go home and for how long before returning for the second round.Meantime, Kate came for the weekend which has been a delight. Yesterday may have been his best day yet as we managed a complete game of JLA Monopoly (interrupted by a long nap) which Kate handily won. Still, seeing the two of them tease each other and get cut-throat during play – well, I couldn’t tell if they were 19 and 21 or both had regressed to five. It was a delight.While we had her around, all three of us had blood drawn for typing and cross-matching should a bone marrow transplant be required. At this stage, according to his blood analysis, it may or may not be required. Our road map is a long, twisty one with many branches and many unknowns so Deb and I have really focused one day at a time.The outpouring of cards, letters food (for the adults) and gifts (for Robbie) have continued and we remain stunned and somewhat speechless. Thanks to the Church choir, he has tons of Patriots memorabilia around the room for tonight’s game and he has been cleared for a full diet so he can have a few of his cherished buffalo wings as well.

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  1. bobbie, its been 30 years! i saw an orange challanger today and googled your name. i came across this blog and my heart goes out to you. for 30 years i still cherish how you took me from an introvert to an extrovert. i consider my life poorer because we lost contact. i wish you and your son luck.

  2. So glad to hear things are going well. I’ve been a bit swamped with schoolwork and home stuff, but I have amassed a small stack of promised stuff that should get into the mail this week.My love to all four of you, and lots of prayers still for Robbie.

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