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With every fun assignment that comes my way, there always seems to be something that goes awry. One media tie-in pitch that had been revised late last year, was officially turned down on Thursday.There was an interesting mechanical concept to the proposal that my collaborator, Aaron Rosenberg, and I still liked. In fact, we liked it a lot and since that aspect wasn’t dependent on the property, we could run with it on our own.From Thursday afternoon through yesterday, we were rapidly bouncing ideas and notes back and forth as we created an original property that allowed us to use our original conceit. The fun was that he would write something and that caused me to wonder, okay, why is this happening which prompted options that allowed him to pick one and add it to the approved pile. By yesterday afternoon, we had a large pile of pieces we liked and the most obvious questions got answered to our satisfaction. He named the race, I named the book project.Of course, the next step is finding a home for it. With a media tie-in property, you’re limited to the one publisher holding the license. With something original, Aaron and I can now pester every editor we know (and some we don’t). Fortunately, one editor is said to be amenable to a pitch while one editor said he was busy but would happily pass it along to a colleague.We’re both more excited by having something new and ours than we were with just a nifty spin on a media tie-in. Now we just need someone to buy it and put us to work.

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