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The schedule for Farpoint went up overnight and I see that while I haven’t been replaced on the Guest list, I have been replaced on the schedule. My pal Glenn Hauman is once again filling in for me with Trailer Park and assorted nonsense while Mike Friedman will play me during the traditional Bob & Howie Show.I do want to make note that there is a first-time comics & Manga track of programming with special guests Richard Pini and artist Daniel Warner. Robbie was asked to handle this and he spent the winter months trying to come up with programming to utilize the usual gang of idiots plus two hand-selected guests. He was very proud of his efforts and obviously deeply disappointed that he will not be there this weekend to see his work pay off.As things stand, I still intend to be at the usual assortment of East Coast shows this spring, starting with Lunacon in March.

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  1. I found this while googling around for info on Farpoint — I wish I had found it sooner.I truly appreciate Robbie’s decision to include me in Farpoint con and will do everything I can to justify it.Here’s to a speedy recovery!

  2. Hi Bob- We always look forward to seeing you, Deb, Katie and Robbie when you come to Baltimore for the cons. We were so sorry to hear about Robbie. Please know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers. Let us know if you need anything all. Kathy, Peter & Emily Gonzales

  3. As a heads-up, I’m on the schedule for I-Con again (as is Jen, for that matter). If you need me to sub anything for that (or pull double-time at Rozakis & Greenberger Explain It All), just let me know.

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