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Robbie has been uptight about today’s surgical procedure (the bone marrow biopsy, lumbar puncture and installation of his broviac line). While waiting to be wheeled into the operating room, to distract him, I pointed out that as he was about to drift off, a few thousand miles south, pitchers and catchers have suited up and taken the field.A nurse looked at me and asked if there was a game already. Nope, I said, it’s the first day of Spring Training, the official start of spring (a truer indicator than any groundhog!).To me it is the beginning of new things, when anything is possible. There remains the chance that a veteran will find hidden resources or a rookie off a team’s radar shocks everyone with his skills. All thirty teams are on equal footing and at least one will prove the sports reporters wrong. Sure, some teams, on paper, look to be behemoths but one never knows. As we’ve seen time and again, chemistry is as important as skills and timing.Our team, the Mets, is one of those everyone feels will contend. Some have even already pencilled them in for the fall classic. I still have questions about the bullpen and bench but we’ll see who performs well and earns a roster spot.Pitchers and catchers. Spring is here!

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  1. Bob and RobbieEarly Prediction:O’s Vs Mets in the fall classic…. Mets win in 5 games.You heard it here first.Bob Ahrens

  2. No sweeter words in February than Pitchers and Catchers!I predict Yanks and Mets in October!

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