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Lunacon will be the weekend of March 14-16 and barring an unforeseen complication, I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday. My schedule will be the following:SATURDAY, MARCH 15TH10:00:00 AM – 11:00:00 AMPoplar RoomRaising Fannish KidsThe more things change, the more things stay the same…or do they? Is growing up in fandom the same now as it was when we were kids? How do we raise our kids to appreciate the same books and ideas we did, but also teach them to be a little more socially adept than we were at that age? Or is that something we even have to worry about? With the popularity of science fiction in the media, are our kids going to be enjoying a world where they are the popular ones?Participants:Kathleen O’Shea David, Alexis Gilliland, Bob Greenberger, Kathy Sands[M], Michelle Wexelblat11:00:00 AM – 2:00:00 PMMianus River David Honigsberg Life JamCome celebrate the life of David Honigsberg: musician, rabbi, scholar, writer, gamer, and mensch. We’ll be celebrating his memory in a way that he would appreciate, so expect stories and music and friendship and laughter. Bring your best pix, stories, recordings; any extra copies can go into the celebration box. Sign the guestbook and listen to the impromptu concert and open mic.Participants:Alma Alexander, Bill Engfer, Sean P. Fodera, Esther Friesner, Laura Anne Gilman, Elizabeth Glover, Amy Goldschlager, Bob Greenberger, Glenn Hauman, Brandy Hauman, Peter Heck, Alexandra Honigsberg, Kim Kindya, Paul Levinson, David Mack, Dennis McCunney, Steven Rosenhaus, Hildy Silverman, Dave Williams3:00:00 PM – 4:00:00 PMWestchester AssemblyAutographingParticipants:Bob Greenberger, Racheline Maltese (usually I sign nothing but make myself available, just in case…)8:00 PMMasquerade Half-time ShowWhenever the judges vanish to ponder the entries, I’ll be showing the usual assortment of movie trailers and taking questions.SUNDAY, MARCH 16TH10:00:00 AM – 11:00:00 AMBrundage AThe Future of ComicsThis past year Vertigo has wrapped up a number of titles, Marvel has killed off Captain America, and DC has brought back the multiverse. It’s getting to the point where you can’t swing a dead sidekick without hitting some kind of universe reset. Mrs. Parker, who? Panelists discuss what may be in store for the comics and comic industry.Participants:James Chambers, Bob Greenberger, Glenn Hauman, Alex Wittenberg,12:00:00 PM – 1:00:00 PMBrundage AStumping in SpacePolitics in fantasy and SF: Can believable politics and magic coexist? How topical can a fantasy author be without losing the sense of wonder? What are the pros and cons of addressing real-life political issues through fantasy fiction?Participants:Bob Greenberger, Leigh Grossman, David Sklar,1:00:00 PM – 2:00:00 PMBotonTalk Nerdy to MeScience Fiction and Fantasy can be found all through mainstream culture these days. It’s in the movies (I am Legend, Jumper, and Dark Knight), on TV (Heroes, Flash Gordon, and Bionic Woman, just to name a few), and even at our jobs, with the most mundane coworkers getting in trouble for playing World of Warcraft on the job. Heck, we’re importing it from the BBC and complaining it’s not coming here fast enough! Just what is behind the influx of geekdom in modern America? Is it just the media realizing how profitable catering to our demographic is, or is dorkiness really becoming cool? If so, are we sure we want this newfound popularity?Participants:Keith DeCandido, Bob Greenberger[M], Glenn Hauman, Terri Osborne, Karen Sullivan(This one should be sheer fun given the close friendship among the participants so it caps the weekend on a high note.)

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  1. I can’t do Lunacon because of its proximity to Farpoint and ICon, but some of those panels sound interesting. Could you run Fannish Kids and Nerdy again for Shoreleave (providing they can squeeze them in)?. (I can rarely find where I’m supposed to be at ICon).

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