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I’m falling back into my habit of the immediate work in the mornings and the afternoons for the longer term projects. Earlier this week I received the go ahead to write the Bataan Death March project and am having a good time completing the research. It’s a painful, gut-wrenching set of experiences to read about but the large number of eye witness accounts form the survivors brings the topic to life, unlike so many of the other young adult non-fiction projects I’ve written.The web writing continues apace with one oft-delayed project getting back underway as of tomorrow so that’ll be cool.This morning I received the galleys to my Tales of Zorro story and I have to say, it looks pretty good. Reads pretty well, too. The errors were few and I think it’ll hold up fairly well. You guys will have to tell me after it sees print, which should be in a few weeks. Also participated in a roundtable interview about this which should be appearing over at The Pulse close to the pub date.All in all, it’s nice to stay busy

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