Rookie Visit

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Despite being home, Robbie needs to come back to Yale-New Haven every few days for blood work. Today, he came in for platelets and red blood cells, sort of topping off the tank. While he’s generally feeling well, he still tires easily and is pale – the blood will help.While he’s hanging out in the clinic, he’s been playing PS2 and watching TV. But, after lunch, the clinic received a visit from New York Jets rookie tackle Jacob Bender. Now, neither one of us has paid much attention to the Jets this season, so the name meant nothing to us. However, a quick glance on line shows that Bender was a sixth round selection who didn’t make his pro debut until the October 28 game.Hailing from Maryland, he had a bit of a southern drawl and handed everyone autographed hats. He and Robbie talked a little about playing Tony Hawk and he tried to be encouraging but it was clear he did this as part of an NFL-outreach program but he may not have been well prepped for dealing with sick kids.He was pleasant and soft-spoken and I gather many of the kids were impressed to see a real life pro football player. I give the young man credit and hope he grows more comfortable with the role.

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