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Greekover celebrates Greek Easter and Passover and any other spring festival you care to toss into the mix. It gave the extended Rozakis and Greenberger families yet another excuse to meet up and eat too much food.Being a made up holiday, it floats across the calendar, gently pushed by the spring breeze, landing wherever convenient. This year, Laurie and Bob were determined to have Greekover despite the uncertainty of Robbie’s schedule. We could do in Fairfield, or Yale-New haven or Farmingdale, whatever worked. Once it was clear he would be out for a few weeks, we tentatively booked it for yesterday, the eighth. Venue could always be adjusted.Well, he was having a good week so a trip to Long Island would give the Greenbergers a much needed change of scenery. Despite the monsoon-like rain, we drove down and arrived pretty darn on time. We walked in, got the usual round of hugs and kisses and stepped into their family room to see……Katie sitting there chatting with Chuck and Rebecca. Earlier in the week, she lamented missing Greekover and hoped to be making to the 2009 edition. The fink was playing with us. Two weeks ago, she’s on a date and her phone rings. Laurie says, “I’m looking at the Southwest schedule, when do you want to fly up?” This being Laurie’s gentle way of suggesting Kate come to NY for the weekend courtesy of Air Rozakis. Some time after the date ended, she worked out the covert details and arrived at the house some 20 minutes before we did.We couldn’t have been more surprised or delighted. It meant the nine and a half of us (the halfbeing William, Sammi’s beau, who was late and had to leave early) of us could while away the day, unified through food and love. There were many stories, much eating and a great deal of laughing. The kids all played Munchkin after dinner as the adults continued to gab away.It was odd leaving Kate behind at their home when we finally had to leave. She had to get up ridiculously early to fly back to D.C. plus losing an hour to Daylight Saving’s Time but we all agreed it was worth it. And it’s now just a week away before she comes home for break.We have been continually floored by how generous our friends and family have been during Robbie’s treatment but this, this goes above and beyond. We couldn’t ask for better family.

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