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Lunacon day one was a tremendous amount of fun. While a business networking show, it’s also a place I see many tri-state area friends I don’t normally see so there was much hugging and schmoozing going on.I arrived in plenty of time for my first panel which was the topic of raising fannish children. It was fun being on it with Kathleen David but the four panelists were twice the number of the audience, which was a shame. A good discussion ensued and it’s worth repeating at some other venue.From 11 until 2, there was a wonderful memorial for Rabbi David Honigsberg. The last time I saw him was at 2007’s Lunacon and he died three weeks later. This was an SRO gathering and I knew practically everyone in the room. People took turns telling stories, six different flasks were passed around, a testament to David’s mantra, “More whiskey.” His wife, Alex, had laryngitis so was whispering anecdotes to compel people to get up and tell stories. There were many delightful, bawdy, embarrassing, heartfelt tales told and we laughed. At the end, several friends picked up their instruments and played some of the music they shared with David. A very fitting tribute.I crashed the Year in Comics panel and had a fine time dissecting what worked and what didn’t work from publishers great and small. To me, I realized the last year saw as a theme the failure to properly execute the ambitious stories that were launched at both major companies. I also noted the rise in web comics as an original medium and a welcome addition to the variety of material available.I wound up skipping my autographing to wander the dealer’s room with Susan Wright, whom I hadn’t seen in a year or more. It was fun catching up and seeing what wares were for sale.Later, I wound up finally meeting my new ComicMix colleague Rick Marshall and he joined me and Glenn Hauman as we sat in to hear the Top 10 things right and wrong in comics. I wound up heckling from the rear, correcting some misinformation and having fun.Glenn and I then ran out to pick up barbecue for a bunch of us and we repaired to Aaron and Jennifer Rosenberg’s room where there was much feasting going on (although the restaurant neglected to give us plasticware or napkins). From there, Jennifer, Emily Bloch and I secured Masquerade seating.It was a brief but very entertaining Masquerade and then I was up to do the half-time show. For a change, I was queried on films I had never heard of which threw me off-stride but not for long. There were also technical glitches so we could see every trailer I brought along, but people enjoyed what they saw. After the awards were finally handed out, I hightailed it home.

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