Week Nine

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Robbie has been in a good place. His friends have been home from school and he’s been out more than not. One day they all flocked here for the afternoon and that was cool. They make him laugh and he feels absolutely normal around them and they see to it where they go and what they do limits his risk of infection.He does tire easily and remains pale. In fact, after a night out with the gang, he can sleep a good eleven hours which we certainly don’t mind.On Tuesday, his blood counts were looking good and the doctors remain very pleased with his progress.On Friday, he was still getting good counts but remained borderline nutropenic so he still can’t risk a matinée at the movie theatre, which disappointed him. They also found some sores on his tonsils and did a strep test which proved negative. To be safe, he’s now downing a banana-flavored medicine which he hates.He’ll go back for more counts on Tuesday but essentially, he doesn’t need blood, he’s looking good and can’t wait for Kate to come home on Sunday.We’re considering ourselves most fortunate.

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