Week Ten

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He’s defying the doctors.When he was released three weeks back, they were certain he’d be readmitted with an infection or fever. Instead, he will go back for round three on Monday without having been readmitted. His stubbornness and determination seem to be winning the day.These last two weeks have been great for him because he’s been out of the house now and then and been surrounded with friends and family. He’s been borderline neutropenic so no movies, church, mall or the like, but he’s come to grips with that. Instead, it was sort of fun watching the kids take over the dining room table and do their taxes together. He’s also done some work towards figuring out his next academic step and he’s rediscovered the Marx Brothers.His blood counts have been recovering nicely and he’s on target for Monday. We’ll arrive and have blood work done and if the counts say he’s ready, then he will have a lumbar puncture and bone marrow biopsy, be readmitted and begin chemo that day. Round three is a five day course of treatment so he could be home as early as Saturday morning.Looking at him, despite being bald and pale, you would never know he has been suffering. Our pride in the way he’s been handling this remains high.

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  1. I check your blog every day to check for Robbie’s update. I am so happy for you and proud of him. Lots of love.

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