Week Eleven

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He’s home again. Round three went entirely without incident despite warnings on day one that the intensification was likely to bring about fevers as the week wore on. Instead, he had absolutely no side effects. He was tired more easily and his appetite waned a bit but he was chipper and active all week long.There, were, of course, some highlights.His most frequent nurse this week, Sarah, was a real task master. Once he settled back onto 7-West, the two reviewed his course of treatment and when things would occur. He didn’t want an IV overnight so they settled on his much liquid he had to consume during the day to be properly hydrated. For this course of chemo, being hydrated was essential and it became a running gag throughout the week.He woke early Wednesday because he forgot to close his shade and decided that he wanted breakfast, but not the options available in the hospital. Since we’re not sleeping there this week at his request, he was on his own. So he showered, dressed and took his handy-dandy Dunkin Donuts gift card downstairs to the lobby. Then he walked around till he overheard some reputable looking person saying that they were heading down the block to get some coffee. When a likely looking suspect, oh, doctor, appeared, he approached, explained his situation and was rewarded for his enterprise by a breakfast sandwich and French vanilla coffee.All the nurses were on his case about drinking liquids and peeing, even the ones not assigned to him. His nurse Laura got on him early and relentlessly, going so far as to attach a blue balloon to his back that read, “I Need to Drink More”. By the time we arrived that morning, every nurse on the floor had joined in the fun and he couldn’t go five feet without someone bringing it up.His oncology team has been thrilled with how well he‘s handled rounds two and three and remain cautiously optimistic the final two rounds will go equally well.Because his blood counts have yet to drop, and won’t for several more days, he’s been cleared to have a “normal” schedule. That means I bring him to Long Island today for the Federal League’s fantasy baseball draft where he will act as surrogate for former DC colleague Peter Hamboussi. And he’ll make it to Mass tomorrow. Most of all, he wants to see a movie in a movie theater so that’s for tomorrow.We’re, of course, delighted with the progress.

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