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Anyone who knows me knows I love baseball. I can’t throw the ball to save my life, was never a little league star, and was only okay as a little league coach, but adore the game. Fortunately, so does Deb and that means the kids grew up to become fans, too.Kate has split her affinity between her lifetime loyalty to the New York Mets and, given the geography, the Washington Nationals. Robbie, interestingly enough, splits his interest between the Mets and the Los Angeles Dodges (largely from hearing about its New York legacy).This year, the baseball season begins tonight. I object to the message it sends to the viewers, especially the loyal fans under the age of 15, who are most likely unable to see the first game in its entirety since it starts after 8 p.m. this evening. (Yes, I know about the two games in China – a wonderful outreach program and their 6 a.m. starting times can be easily forgiven.)Hope springs eternal and we all hope our team has a chance to win it all. The Mets are poised for a stronger season than last year with a sharper bullpen and Johann Santana leading the rotation. One cannot deny the Spring rash injuries being a portent of things to come as our stud hitters, Carlos Delgado and Carlos Beltran, battle injury and age. We just have to cross our fingers and root, root, root for the home team.At one point or another, we’ve all played Fantasy Baseball. Deb was briefly an owner in the Federal League while this season, Robbie and Kate are in separate Yahoo leagues. Last night, I attended the auction for the Federal League and had a great time. I love this aspect of the league and it’s the one time we’re all together (albeit, this year we had three on conference call). Robbie did a great job filling in for Peter Hamboussi and overall I think I have a competitive team.I’m very pysched for the season.

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  1. It was weird, watching (well, OK, watching the animated play-by-play on the games in Japan over breakfast last week. There’s something odd about baseball at 7:30 AM.

  2. It’s one of the stupidest reasons in the world, but I’m a loyal Mets fan because … my nursery school teacher was Mrs. Metz (I still see her now and then). I follow baseball loosely (Dawn will make sure I know the Yankees scores), but we always watch the World Series (especially if the Yankees are losing :P). Softball season starts this week, so we will have no life for the next 3 months.

  3. Desperately hoping the Orioles lose today… They’ve won each Opening Day since 2001 and look how THAT turned out…

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