Week Twelve

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With I-Con tomorrow, I’ll do the weekly post a day early.Robbie came home Saturday and was fine. He was absolutely delighted to be free from restriction for a few days. Saturday was spent at the Federal League auction and Sunday we did take in 21 (he liked it since he read the book; I thought the entire third act ruined the film).Monday he actually went out on a date and was thrilled.Tuesday we went in for routine blood work and as expected, his numbers were trending down and he was nutrepinic and the restrictions returned. We gingerly asked what that foretold for the weekend, hoping against hope they’d clear him to join us and Kate in Stony Brook. No such luck.When we got home, he moped and we let him eat junk food and watch TV all day. We didn’t watch his drinking and he allowed himself to get dehydrated. While my DTC meeting was wrapping up, I got the call I’d been expecting since this all started. “Hi, we’re headed for the Emergency Room, want to come?” he asked.Well, we took him to the Yale ER and they checked him over thoroughly and then gave him two bags of saline. He watched TV or napped, I read, Deb knit. Around 1 a.m. we were done and headed for home.The rest of the week went without incident although there were times he was a little light-headed and that told him today was going to be topping him off. Deb took him to the clinic; fully expecting to spend the day there and he receive two units of red blood cells, which perked him up.All of this is normal and par for the course. The doctors aren’t worried and remain thrilled with his progress. He’ll continue to go to clinic twice a week until his blood counts recover enough to begin round four.While disappointed about this weekend, he remains confident about finishing the course of treatment and getting back to his life. He had a phone interview this week for the Hole-in-the-Wall-Gang camp volunteer position and he’s optimistic an offer will follow.

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  1. So sorry Robbie can’t join the crew at I-Con. Hoping you’ll make it down. Glad he’s feeling better, even if it’s not quite good enough to come out to play.

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